When atmosphere is lost, meaning follows

The following photos are a part of the ‘To Draw a Crowd' series. They serve to inspire the drawn pieces and balance the intensity of the creativeness of the artworks. Presented in no particular order they serve to illustrate the foundational elements of light and observance. In the same way a tree uses light to grow, the photos are the light and roots from which the art grows - a  photosynthesis of sorts.

All the photographs in People & Places are taken with a Canon SLR EOS 1000FN (Rebel II) 35mm film camera. A variety of films are used, including Kodak Ektar 100, Portra 400, Ilford Black & Whites (various Iso’s), Lomochrome Metropolis & Purple (turning greens into purples), Fujifilm and Cinestill. The Kodak Ektar 100 is a particular favourite, producing a velvety richness.