Eyes of darkness 

See only red

A dare to walk 

The path of non-existence,

Story of survival

Fact of existence

A call

To the Horse of the Abyss.

Both what is

And what is not.

Mother earth, the only home

We’ve ever known

A way point, 

An ecological niche

Our temporary connection 

To the cosmic ocean

Life a fluke

In a galactic sense

Our past masking our future;

Our future, the sum of our past. 

Projections of data points

An entropic zero

Computer simulations

Of feast and famine.

Strong evidence

For negative consequence

Rise in temperature

Ripe for change.

Their freewill will

A two edged wonder.

Midnight oil

Incinerates all

Blades without handles

Are difficult to grasp

Like fire blankets

Of forest fires

Too much heat, 

In the key of sea.

This knife’s edge

Of Promethean growth

An ode to know

To stall and drop off

It is never enough.

In an eternal universe

Entwined in the eternal dance of soul

All has been said & done before.

There lies a temporary permanence,

Blink and you’ll miss it.

Reality born

Of savages past

Where nothing was fair 

And little was just.

A torrid journey of people

Through the ages.

Theatres of War are

Mechanisms for commerce.

Artfully atomised

These fogs of our own creation.


And a love of brute strength.

Everything a draw

Until mistakes are made.

This framing to be arranged

At owner’s expense

Counter arguments 

To strike balance

Absurd beauty &

Money to buy the vote.

A sentence, simply

A structure of logical relationships.

Arguments of evolution are

Foundations of community.

Artificial insemination

Like a drop of rain

The subtlety of prose:

For most cannot suppose.

Fear emerges from depths

Of the unknown

A key to a door

No longer required, once open


Uniquely capable of awe

Emotion , physiology 

And deep history

A hawk with a hood, 

Dog in a kennel, 

Proverbial ostrich

Head in the sand

Paused to posit

Willful blindness 

Results in paranoia

Anxiety protects you from pain

Disgust keeps us alive

Fear challenges

Exclusion makes us suffer

Joy brings people together

Misplaced pity 

Without charity and justice 

Leads through anger, to cruelty.

It is corrosive.

Shame and suffering

A certain goodness

Empathy an antidote.

As tumbleweed rolls through.

Cause rather than symptoms

Anger from mis-understanding

A bleeding heart - Sadness, 

A factor of pain

Fear the constant

Sorrow to blame

Tan gents of London

In this funny old game.

Cold whispers 

Of opium den walls.

Near death experience

And the pineal gland.

Fabric of reality,

A silver thread.

Good thing

Bad thing


In colour and border.

Idiosyncratic nature

Pleasure: conquer and control.

Particular price points & a long division.

Trigger points of the soul:

For where do the tears

Of the faucet go?

Cosmic beginnings

Long winded and boring

The light in darkness

Her primal scream

When dragons collide

Pipers consent

Crab’s claw and the

Butterfly’s ascent

Sneaker pushers and hotel hookers

Piston heads and the living dead

Boils down to falsehood

Drowning in an endless sea

Nirvana fallacy &

Idealised alternatives.

Bird songs of toxicity

Canaries of the coal mine.

At the crack of dawn

The terrors of nightmares

& broken echoes

Of a pale blue dot

Like the colossal sea anchor

Of imagined thought,

It's a bit of a puzzle

But it's funny

Irony seldom absent

From the greatest of horrors.

Medical miracles

Ethical nightmares.

Neural lace and the

Hyperscale age

These city lights 

Of a human jungle

The churn

The words 

Tribal war games 

Of the unknown mess

The call for clarity

Answered with ambiguity

Class this mist,

Utopia: an island in the sand

The wind chimes

Across waters of shallow graves

A man with a feather cannot fly

As paradise comes in a bag.

Each component 

Made of another

Egalitarian emptiness

Moral bankruptcy

Where minimum decency passes

For heroic virtue

And utter corruption

For pardonable imperfection

The end of all government 

Is the happiness of the people

As Old values 

Ring true

Nihilism a great crisis

Moments of deepest self-reflection

The matter of recovery?

A question of strength.

Setting gives rise to an event

Place created with atmosphere

When it is lost

Meaning follows

Network of actors

Create dialogue


A two way basis

Pillars of society

Collective futures

Easy to maintain

And hard to break

Prescriptions from society

Prosperity and wealth

A lattice

Cold with numbers

React to meaning first

The territory behind the map

Polite to act 

In a presupposed way.

Bound to work

Tasks classified

According to relevance

Agreed in lamentations.

Born free to live in chains

No human institution 

Easily escapes

The darker angel of our divided selves

By the work

One knows the workman

Produce to consume

Consume to produce.

Truth: a theory full of facts

Facts: hard headed in subjective Nature

Experiential strategy

Iterative process

The unreal truth

A sad matter of fact

A story of starts,

Lead by mistake

Of assumption

And no matter how many times

It was the exception,

That made the rule.

Indifference the worst offence,

Laziness the worst sin

Patience a key

Heavy is the crown.

Translate things in time,

The ones to pay damages

Functional  Experiential  Symbolic

Sublime: elevated, moral ecstasy

De bonne grace

With good grace

Vita brevis: ars longa

Life short: art long

Symmetry: change without change

Aversion and interest

Exuberance: economy of means

And the like

There is no unequivocal definition of life;

Divided in Domains & further subdivision.

Death: a permanent termination 

Of all vital functions

Vicissitude: being changeable

Solicitude: care or concern

Inchoate: just begun

Decorus: keeping in good taste

Moue: A pouting expression

Impute: attribute blame

Putative: considered to exist

Furtive: secret or avoiding attention

Sensualism: sensations of the mind

Rhetoric: discourse

Obsequious: obedient to a servile degree

Pusillanimous: lack of courage, timid

Akrasia: Weakness of the will

Globalisation: integrated fragility

Logos: Principles of harmonies of opposites

Animus: mind/spirit

Pop: Bold palette and media, dead pan, black and white, hypersaturation, popular, transient, expendable, low cost, mass produced, young, witty, sexy, gimmicky, glamorous, big business. Product to sell lifestyle, beauty, eroticism, glamour, feminism, post-colonialism and other consciousness changing ideas. A critical position relative to society. 

Define beauty: A Vigorous debate

The sublime manner of Consumer culture

Where body 

Became the battleground

Virility of vanity

Eye of the beholder

Makeup as a document

Body painting the passport

Men prefer things

Women prefer people

If that’s what we’re taught.

Every generation gets through.

To understand 

What this place is

Vari et mutable semper femina

Woman is ever changeful and capricious

Sighted individuals

Navigate the social world visually

Art in motion

The potion of emotion

Umbrella like thing

The most vivid of colours

On a white, cloudless, blanket of snow

Pillows, marsh-mellow.

Appetites of desires

Bathed in sunshine

Covered in a thick mat

Of velvet green


Honey of the ear

A felt to it

A luscious moss

Towers on skylines

Forever standing still

The pin pricks of capitalism

Humbled by abode.

Thoughts and minds

Conditions of lease

Cemented in hardship

Broken by the deceased

There is no answer 

To the problem of blame.

Synthesis a sum

Far greater than its parts

Transfer knowledge

To more permanent mediums

Records of existence

And our own temporal beings

Upon reflection

Faces stare back

Blank canvas

Animate M.E.

A multitude of pixelated positions

Discern the shape of the whole

From ails of past

New ones rise

Perspective and orientation.

Subtle contradictions,


Peculiar anomalies

The middle of the impossibly big

& the infinitely small

A simple

Speck of dust.

Roles of artists

To drive prosperity

In the age of instant

Follow your instinct

Rules of corporate governance

That challenge belief

Designing connection

Blue enough to be green

Theories of decision making

Action under uncertainty

Means based projects

Drive innovation

Proactive based on theory

Reactive on conditional change

Effectuation creates the opportunity

Causation as a particular effect to be given

Effectuation as a set of means

Means to create effect

Possible to probable

Mapped to affect.

Social norms & values

Warped and twisted

Truth is not enough

Love to be rewarded

Progress in science

Reflects movement toward truth

Value in experience 

Value in use

Not to be mistaken

As though an aloe,

To expel melancholy from the soul.

Historical roots, Forever grow.


A combination of stills

Turning light into energy

Released to fuel activity

Combining time and place

A piecemeal contemporary view

A visual explosion

These tapestries of growing pains.

Elements of beauty – colour, form, 

Shape and state

Warmth of an immeasurable light

Brightness of an incredible heat

Fullness of life

Relationships of nature

Failure by design

Smoothed fudged and crossed


Greek for the possible

Not what exists

But to pre-figure the possible.

We are the masters 

Of creative evolution

With blood in the water

Adversity and impossible odds

Underlying assumptions

Of a non-linear market

Science reveals the relationships

The world view produces the group

Methods and tools

Symbols as language

To communicate

Placeholders of society

Rational reflection

The most human of tools

To tend our candle 

Of consciousness.





A beautiful plate

With nothing on it

Visual language

To portray arrangement

Build sapidity

Release molecules

Texture and temperature

Food as reward

We eat with our eyes

The sauce expensive

At the heart of French cuisine

Spice, acidity, fat, flavour, 


Salt, fat, sugar: 


To sup with a long spoon

Deep roots in food

To lose knowledge of cooking

Is to lose culture

The meal is love

Food is nature

Fermentation is a delicious rot.

Heart and soul adds flavour

To rebuild a culture of cooking

Free-hand association

Sown in order to eat.

It is only upon reflection

That we see ourselves.

In music there are no mistakes

It is the art of framing 

The perfection

Of silence 

Signal like glue

Conducting composition

A harmony of reverberance

Timbre. Rhythm. Melody

Think about the world

We live in.

In good times

People don’t listen.

Come to court

For judgement day

Seeds of false hope

Acid rain & the poisoned oak

Merciless, insatiable

On nights we let go

To fight the fires

With our butcher’s knives.

Glass sandwich

Absurd beauty

Free cultures

Get what they deserve

Measures of success

Old and new

Beauty and happiness

Intricate movement

Life: a series of milestones 

And achievements. 

Moments pressed in memory 

Electric currents, running within. 

Force of habit

Borders of silhouettes.

To hold a beautiful idea

For the room. Upstairs.

Pattern recognition

Blind to sea

Matter, Form, & Soul,

Relating moments of humanity.

Light the vehicle of feeling

Iridescence, a product of structure

Colour is light, change is dramatic

Sunrise and sunset elevate feeling

Heat makes people weak

There is solidity, In cooling off

Healthfulness the first requisite

The conscious of nations.

Complexity of contributing factors

Yet to begin.

Entrance to exit, 

Start to finish

The road goes on forever. 

To finish the beginning,

Of yet another journey, 

Another story. 

For we all share

The weight of an ocean

We all sit 

On broken dreams

We all suffer 

Decisions of the past

And we all share

Hopes for the future

Co-operation and cohesion

Within groups

Health, wealth, 

Knowledge and friends.

Happiness as the ultimate

Purpose of existence

Conceived as a subjective

State of mind

Waves of atoms, 

A series of probabilities, 

On possibilities,

Of probabilities. 

The chance of breath,

Our modern world,

Abstracted through forebears

and theirs, 

and theirs, 

and theirs. 

The sea orange

The land blue

And the sky 

A yellow grey

Life is simply motion.

Sung in lessons

Of bird song.

Deep. Powerful. Poetic.

Remedies found

In a thorough tongue lashing.

Or the beauty 

Of her nakedness.

Refuge in nostalgia

Respite in fantasy

Some in the timeless spirit

Of the countryside

Oceans more ancient 

Than mountainous heights

Placid islands of ignorance 

Bizarre delight

Golden mean

A balance between two extremes

A mean between vices

Reconciling order and chaos

Wading through shallows

Of subliminal criminals

This visual jazz

Oh the cupidity!

The dead Man’s desires,

The baby’s unseen dreams.

Bears of Northern ice

And vines of forgotten seams.

In a cold, bitter & twisted tale

Dressed in the Spirit’s Rose

There are no words

Just silence in death.

There is a number

Far smaller than years too late

A decimal denoting

Our humble existence.

When storms light the night sky

And the hammer is beat.

Above all else,

It is beauty that we behold. 

Truth our past; 

Facts of forever changing stories.

The satisfaction, The pleasure,

The delight, Of beauty.

Skylines of nature

Mind of the biosphere

Forests are Cathedrals

And trees the temples

Save nature and save ourselves

We are a part of the natural world

Bigger than borders

Lines of inquiry

Art with a brightness

Direction and control

Colonise and recreate an ecosystem

Fight for the environment

The stream an artery

Poison it and poison more

Life within it, the estuaries 

And harbours it feeds

So basic, 

That they are forgotten.

Vis medicatrix naturae

The healing power of nature

A carboniferous water drop

The light between eternity

Shadows the downhill

Pitch in, help, co-operate.

Hope and strength for the future

A sustainable economic engine

Growth? The people 

You encounter on your journey

Global world, reality explored

To inspire, to believe

As we evolve.

Only later do we learn meaning

In abstract fashion

They cheer man on

Action, the key to success

Hard lessons, forgotten in time.

Some things grow

Bigger than others

Each and every

The strongest of millions

In the meantime

We dream

The moment. 

We dream

What is the goal?

A means to an end

End to what mean?

Life in the Goldilocks Zone

The sun, an avenue

Forever on the horizon

A distant shimmering light

With no fixed abode

Earth, Lit, like a disco ball

Mirrored to reflect the sun

Cloud cities of Venus

Colonies on Mars

Eyes of darkness 

See only red

A dare to walk 

The path of non-existence

Story of survival

Fact of existence

A call

To the Horse of the Abyss.