Vision: To create and curate world class art and art exhibitions

Mission: Tend to the candle of human consciousness through art. Bring joy, happiness & surprise through the sense of engagement with art.

Angus was born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand.

He discovered his passion for art in 2012, whilst visiting a Salvador Dali exhibition in Berlin, Germany. For the first time he realised the significance, appreciated the dedication, and could acknowledge the sacrifice that great artists of the past experienced. How the art is able to bookmark history and provide a social fabric to engage in, to learn from, and to move forward with.  

Utilising three main tools: perspective, orientation and reflection to illustrate the power of synthesis.

The art is borne of necessity, the mother of invention. Forged to create new avenues for common ground. There are no wrong answers. We are all individuals, who bring our own histories and our own stories to the art. Layers of meaning create depth. Tidbits of history, architecture, tools and life.